Thursday, June 5, 2014


If it had hailed in Norfolk just a few weeks ago, Dolly would have been parked out back. And the Fiero would have been in the middle of a very open outdoor parking lot.

Dolly wouldn't sell for much with dents and a broken windshield.

And the Fiero would probably need some new t-top glass and a few t-top trim items that yours truly would have to fabricate. Although that wouldn't be a problem, since my problems are usually smaller than everyone else's.

Thankfully, it didn't hail just a few weeks ago. The hail came down two days ago. Dolly is with her new owners in South Dakota, and the Fiero was safely tucked away in the body shop awaiting a few more parts.

None of this excuses the fact that Maxwell wasn't in the garage, or the fact that I was too lazy to change that in time to avoid dents and a broken windshield. Timing doesn't fix lazy. It does, however, present an opportunity to view a troubling event from a different perspective--and it also provides an opportunity to learn from it.

We won in 2/3 of these situations. Maxwell will be an expensive fix, even if more in time than money. But if it helps motivate me to be the best version of myself, then perhaps Norfolk's baseball hail will be the start of a more motivated set of analog schemes.