Monday, November 21, 2016


New fatherhood is a matter of focus. What matters the most in any marriage? The love of husband and wife. It goes without saying, but when it goes unsaid, it's easy to forget. And that doesn't change when baby #1 arrives. It becomes more important.

The role of a new father is to serve his wife. That's it. You may think "I can't do anything, she has to do all of these things, all I can do is change diapers, etc." Yes--there is truth there. Mother Nature is sexist. Mothers dominate when it comes to breastfeeding, nurturing, and emotionally attaching. Fathers tend to think that they are relegated to support duty in many areas. And while that is true, it's a destructive perspective that leads many husbands to lazily refuse to do all that they are able to do.

You can change diapers. You can get your wife a cup of water with a straw when she is breastfeeding. You can learn different ways of holding your baby so that you can help to calm it when it is upset. You can learn to use the 5 S's of calming a baby for naps and nighttime put-downs: shush, suckle, swaddle, shake (jiggle, for everyone who just rended their garments over the term), and side-turn.

You can take the baby for a walk so that your wife can take a nap.

If your wife uses a breast pump, you can clean all of the pump parts. In fact, you SHOULD clean all of the breast pump parts--pumps may be awesome in terms of the flexibility that they offer to breastfeeding moms, but they are inconvenient, cumbersome, and deserve to be hated by those who must use them on a daily basis. Your wife has to use the pump to fill the bottles--she should never have to clean any of those damn parts. That's like having the same person do the dishes after cooking every meal--it's an unfair arrangement. Be a man, not a male: make it fair.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Trump's victory was a backlash against political correctness. The left created Trump's supporters--he literally could not have won without the left. 

Accusations of racism, sexism, and a countless number of -ism and phobia labels created Trump's supporters, and every effort to double down only drove more people to join them. The racist wall, his sexist words--his politically incorrect nature attracted people who have for many years been told that they were racist or sexist for holding thoughts that were deemed to be offensive.

Every new accusation from the left alienated more people--even those who considered themselves liberal and left-leaning--as each new accusation held a heightened offense over a smaller and/or more specific grievance. Trump greeted them with open arms by showing them that you can, in fact, say what you believe--and you don't have to give the time of day to those who would rather label you. That's exactly what Trump did.

Cultural appropriation. Misogyny. Islamophobia. Xenophobia. Racism. Sexism. Bigotry. The list of labels kept growing, and the brush used to apply these labels got wider and wider as the election went on--and it eventually got so wide that the very people who applied the labels could not avoid being labeled themselves. Amy Schumer comes to mind, as she was accused of cultural appropriation when she made a parody of a Beyonce song.

Political discourse is dead when you accuse large segments of the population of being racist. And when your side keeps finding new ways to kill discourse, you're going to lose. You're going to lose debates, you're going to lose people, and you're going to lose elections. Third party voters didn't elect Trump--you did.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The left chose Islam over you.

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, all of the cool kids on Facebook raced to get that hip rainbow overlay for their profile picture. Your news feed was full of friends* who couldn't wait to remind those homophobic Christians that their hateful marriage amendments had failed.

If you didn't feel like a pawn after that spectacle, then the silence which has followed the killing of 50 gays by a Muslim man should leave you with no doubt.

The left has its religion, and it has nothing to do with your rights. Islam is the religion of the left. You were never anything more than a token that the left wanted to claim to protect from the the group the left wants to shame out of existence: that being, anyone who doesn't abide by its politically correct, privilege checking, greatness eliminating, false-equality enforcing rules. The left is full of people who are quick to accuse others of hate, racism, and sexism when they do not abide by the left's rules, and you were only going to benefit from that as long as it didn't infringe on the left's religion.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Where is the social justice outcry against Islam after the shooting at a gay bar in Florida? Facebook is clearly struggling to fill my feed this week

When Christians from Westboro Baptist Church hold signs, it's national news. They are called racists and bigots. They are rightly ostracized and shunned. But no one goes out of their way to make a distinction between Westboro and other Christians. When a Christian does something racist or bigoted or wrong, social media doesn't fill up with stories explaining how that one person is an outlier. When a Catholic priest molests a boy, all Catholic priests are suspects. And Catholics who support priests are deluded deniers. And so on.

Friday, June 10, 2016


For many people, it's too late to change. It's too late for them to recover. Their body or mind is too far gone to heal itself. You see these people in dialysis or nursing homes for a while, and then they are gone. At some point, your body can no longer heal itself, and your mind can't find its way back.

You are not one of those people. You have taken steps to get your body back to a self-healing status, and your body has responded. You have highs and lows--and while you don't always seem to know where you are, you do know where you don't want to be. While that doesn't necessarily help you find your destination, it does help you know the areas to avoid. Sometimes that's what success looks like--I know, because much of my success is due to nothing more than simply avoiding disaster.

Your body will recover remarkably as long as you continue to choose what is good.

Your mind will find peace if you spend time in the company of those who have your best interests at heart.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are "intrinsically disordered," contrary to natural law, and separate sexual acts from the gift of life. The same Catechism teaches that marriage is a covenant by which a man and woman are joined for life, for the good of the spouses, and the procreation of children.

In short, the Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality and marriage are not compatible. But that's not what this blog is about.

The use of a constitutional amendment to legally define marriage as being between a man and woman was never a moral approach. That's what this is blog is about. Beyond those laws which prevent murder and theft, laws only serve to determine the number of people standing at the business end of a government-wielded gun. As any law can only be enforced by force, coercion, and confiscation--all of which are, in the case of same-sex unions, far more destructive than the acts they prevent--the Church (or any of its members) should not advocate the use of a voting booth to force others to live in compliance with Church teachings. 

If the immorality of any type of government force is not reason enough to avoid writing laws in order to enforce one's faith, then the creation of division should be considered as well. Legally forcing outsiders to live by Church teachings (regardless of if done in defense of natural law or Church teachings themselves) creates a man-made divide between believers and unbelievers--and force and evangelism are, to put it lightly, at odds.


I have never known such innocence. As I watch your dark eyes change to blue, I can't help but ask what I can do to help you to stay just as you are. When the days are dark and the nights are cold, what can I do so that you can't breathe without knowing the love that I have for you?

All of your toys are simple, and everything I touch is complicated. Every time I try to simplify and cut things out, I only seem to find a more complicated way. What I would give if I could help you to see the precious few things which matter through the overwhelming number of things that don't. That you could see what would matter to you ten years from now, and allow that to help you ignore all of the noise that you hear today.

I would sing this to you, if it had a tune. There will always be a place you can go when this world wants to wash away everything that makes you sweet, your innocence feels like it holds you back, and you are rejected for living the principles that everyone else is content to merely talk about.

Do you know where you can go?

Long after the day comes when I can no longer carry you away from your tears, this home will still be yours. When your confidence is gone and you can't see anything beyond the floor, this home will be your new start. It will be here to remind you of why you are sweet and let you see the priceless value of your innocence. If you are rich in nothing but soul, you will be rich when you are here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The City of Norfolk, Nebraska is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2016. The City of Norfolk Tree Advisory Board has set a goal of having Norfolk residents plant 150 trees in honor of the anniversary. The following information is under the Tree Advisory Board's section of the city's website, anyway:
Be a Norfolk Tree Bud!
Trees provide beauty, shade, windbreak and wildlife habitat in our community. Be a Tree Bud and help support trees in the Norfolk area. 
There are many ways you can be a Norfolk Tree Bud. One way is to contribute $2 on your water bill to purchase, plant and care for trees in Norfolk. Just check the box on your water bill that says "Sign up to add $2 charge to each water bill for trees." Or signup online!
You can also plant a tree. For guidance on what trees are best to plant in the Norfolk area see our Tree Considerations list.
It's the 150th anniversary of Norfolk so plant a tree, take a picture of you and/or your group that's planting the tree and send it to and we'll post it on Facebook at and we'll put it on our website at
Say no more, Tree Advisers. I know exactly where to stick every one of the trees purchased through the water bill system. If the City of Norfolk and its Tree Advisory Board are serious about increasing beauty in the city, it would be most effective to plant the trees in (1) a publicly visible location (2) where the trees would not only replace an eyesore, but also (3) passively prevent people from trespassing by turning private property into a creeping expansion of the city's ugliest parking lot.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016



When there wasn't a small enough box to hold everything that I would bring into my marriage.


When, after having spent my first post-college year working a retail job, I moved to Norfolk because my future wife had a job there. 


When I saw in myself none of the things that I believed a husband should have: money, a successful career, or at least the prospect of having one or the other. A husband, above all, should provide for his family.


When I saw endless reminders that I couldn't aim to be successful when I didn't even know where my target was.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


In 2014, Macy's stores blamed cold weather for poor sales.
2/25/2014: Sales and earnings full year 2013, ended Feb. 1, 2014
In part, poor January sales were due to the unusually harsh winter weather across much of the country. At one time or another during January, 244 Macy's and Bloomingdale's stores were closed because of weather, and the business remained sluggish until Valentine's Day,” he said. “Once warm spring weather arrives and our full assortment of fresh spring merchandise is in place, we believe customers will return to a more normalized pattern of shopping.
Fast forward to 2016. Sales not so good. Weather too warm!
1/6/2016: Macy’s, Inc. Reports Nov/Dec Sales and Updates 2015 Guidance
The holiday selling season was challenging, as experienced throughout 2015 by much of the retailing industry. In the November/December period, we were particularly disadvantaged by the historically warm weather in northern climate zones where both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are especially well-represented. About 80 percent of our company’s year-over-year declines in comparable sales can be attributed to shortfalls in cold-weather goods such as coats, sweaters, boots, hats, gloves and scarves.
Weather is hard. Or maybe this is what happens when a business closes stores, buys back stock, and runs a bunch of commercials about how great its products and service are while its product and service levels decline.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016



Ammon Bundy has created a country & western version of the Occupy movement: he has assembled an angry but inarticulate group of people, with government replacing Wall Street and gun rights have taken the place of marijuana legalization. 

The group's grievances are far too micro to be driven by principle. They have taken over a wildlife refuge in response to the prison sentences handed out to Dwight and Steven Hammond, two ranchers who lit fires which spread to federal land. There are apparently other references to the "unwinding" of federal ownership of lands, but nothing specific enough to suspect principled motives.