Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The City of Norfolk, Nebraska is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2016. The City of Norfolk Tree Advisory Board has set a goal of having Norfolk residents plant 150 trees in honor of the anniversary. The following information is under the Tree Advisory Board's section of the city's website, anyway:
Be a Norfolk Tree Bud!
Trees provide beauty, shade, windbreak and wildlife habitat in our community. Be a Tree Bud and help support trees in the Norfolk area. 
There are many ways you can be a Norfolk Tree Bud. One way is to contribute $2 on your water bill to purchase, plant and care for trees in Norfolk. Just check the box on your water bill that says "Sign up to add $2 charge to each water bill for trees." Or signup online!
You can also plant a tree. For guidance on what trees are best to plant in the Norfolk area see our Tree Considerations list.
It's the 150th anniversary of Norfolk so plant a tree, take a picture of you and/or your group that's planting the tree and send it to dbecker@ci.norfolk.ne.us and we'll post it on Facebook at www.facebook.com/norfolkne and we'll put it on our website at www.ci.norfolk.ne.us/parks/150trees.htm.
Say no more, Tree Advisers. I know exactly where to stick every one of the trees purchased through the water bill system. If the City of Norfolk and its Tree Advisory Board are serious about increasing beauty in the city, it would be most effective to plant the trees in (1) a publicly visible location (2) where the trees would not only replace an eyesore, but also (3) passively prevent people from trespassing by turning private property into a creeping expansion of the city's ugliest parking lot.