Wednesday, August 26, 2015


In June of 2015, a Neligh resident created the We Support Neligh (WSN) campaign in "an effort to promote the town in a more positive light and unite residents."

First, some light reading on the subject:

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WE SUPPORT NELIGH (Official page, created 6-23-15)

Man behind Neligh signs wants to unite community

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UPDATE: Recall Signatures Verified, Special Election Next Step

The reason for the campaign.

Nate Metschke, a Neligh resident, has indicated that his campaign began before the annexation of several properties along Highway 275 finished, and is unrelated to the issue. As the annexation issue predates the efforts to recall Neligh's mayor and four city council members (which appears to have been filed in response to the annexation issue), this would indicate that the campaign is also unrelated to the recall effort.

However, in a different news story, it is implied that the recall issue was itself the cause of the WSN campaign: 
The recall attempt of all City of Neligh elected officials has one resident saying enough is enough. And he doesn’t believe he’s the only one who feels that way.
Nate Metschke, who has lived in Neligh for nearly 15 years and is the music teacher at Neligh-Oakdale, said he’s embarrassed by recent behavior in the community and is taking a stand against the negativity. Metschke is asking other Neligh residents to join him in a “We Support Neligh” campaign in hopes “the real majority are heard loud and clear.”
Regardless of whether or not the WSN campaign was the result of Neligh's annexation and elected official recall issues, every news story and explanation of the campaign contains an inordinate number of words focusing on those very subjects. That, in and of itself, seems to say more than anything else regarding the connection between the WSN campaign and recent political issues in Neligh.