Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The left chose Islam over you.

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, all of the cool kids on Facebook raced to get that hip rainbow overlay for their profile picture. Your news feed was full of friends* who couldn't wait to remind those homophobic Christians that their hateful marriage amendments had failed.

If you didn't feel like a pawn after that spectacle, then the silence which has followed the killing of 50 gays by a Muslim man should leave you with no doubt.

The left has its religion, and it has nothing to do with your rights. Islam is the religion of the left. You were never anything more than a token that the left wanted to claim to protect from the the group the left wants to shame out of existence: that being, anyone who doesn't abide by its politically correct, privilege checking, greatness eliminating, false-equality enforcing rules. The left is full of people who are quick to accuse others of hate, racism, and sexism when they do not abide by the left's rules, and you were only going to benefit from that as long as it didn't infringe on the left's religion.

Islam is the religion of the left because it deals with gays in the same way that the left tries to deal with anyone who does not abide by its rules. Islam does not want a conversation, nor does the left. Islam does not offer compassion to those who do not live by its demands, and neither does the left. Depending on who you ask, there are ten or eleven counties where--by law--the penalty for being gay is death. Yet the left chooses Islam over any other religion, and then has the audacity to claim to be advancing gay rights. Despite what the left tells you, it's been a few years since the Pope last called for killing in the name of Jesus.

Even if the left was correct (it's not) in its claim that the Christian response to the gay rights movement was motivated by nothing more than homophobia--that being, an unreasoning fear of homosexuals and homosexuality--hopefully you now know that supposed fear is significantly less harmful than outright hate. After years of the left telling you that you were being persecuted by Christians, a Muslim man killed 50 gays in one night. And now the left refuses to call the crime what it is, preferring to treat the man as an outlier rather than a symptom of everyday Muslim culture.

Muslim violence towards gays is nothing new--it's just new in America. It treats women in much the same way--take note, feminists! What has happened in countries on the other side of the world just made it to our shores. Now that you have seen that those who claimed to defend you will not lift a finger even when they see their alleged persecutions replaced with outright murder, you know that you are just like the rest of us.

The left is too busy trying to conquer transgender bathrooms to be bothered when its primary preferred victim group stops playing nice and decides to wage war on one of its secondary groups. The left is more a danger to your rights than the right wing Christians ever were--stop allowing them to use you, remember who did the killing in Orlando, and conduct yourselves accordingly.

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