Thursday, June 2, 2016


I have never known such innocence. As I watch your dark eyes change to blue, I can't help but ask what I can do to help you to stay just as you are. When the days are dark and the nights are cold, what can I do so that you can't breathe without knowing the love that I have for you?

All of your toys are simple, and everything I touch is complicated. Every time I try to simplify and cut things out, I only seem to find a more complicated way. What I would give if I could help you to see the precious few things which matter through the overwhelming number of things that don't. That you could see what would matter to you ten years from now, and allow that to help you ignore all of the noise that you hear today.

I would sing this to you, if it had a tune. There will always be a place you can go when this world wants to wash away everything that makes you sweet, your innocence feels like it holds you back, and you are rejected for living the principles that everyone else is content to merely talk about.

Do you know where you can go?

Long after the day comes when I can no longer carry you away from your tears, this home will still be yours. When your confidence is gone and you can't see anything beyond the floor, this home will be your new start. It will be here to remind you of why you are sweet and let you see the priceless value of your innocence. If you are rich in nothing but soul, you will be rich when you are here.

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