Thursday, December 19, 2013


Phil Robertson said something.

The details are irrelevant. The names have changed, but the rule is the same: if you're not gay, you can't say anything less than positive about gays without suffering consequences. Phil Robertson broke the rule. Phil Robertson is suffering the consequences. Popularity aside, there's nothing new here. Just a new application of the same rule.

It's a rule which requires division. What caused the division is beyond the scope of this inspection.

But the division is based on a lie. When you believe a lie, you give it power. When you give it power, you're doing worse than doing nothing (an act which many would term “isolationism”). When you believe this lie, it encourages participation in a coercive and destructive system. It gives sanction to evil. There is no virtue to be gained in choosing sides when the sides are defined by a lie. Don't participate! Show some pride, for God's sake—walk away!

Such lies require a very narrow focus in order to be maintained. In this case, if you're anti-gay, you should fight against gay marriage and gay rights in general based on “logic,” arguments of nature, and religion. And if you're gay, you should marginalize those who defend the outdated notions of marriage, family, and sin. You're on Phil Robertson's side or you’re against him. These are your only choices, but at least you can still get into squabbles over freedom of speech.

There are differences between gay and straight people beyond being gay and being straight. This isn't difficult to understand—in fact, no two people are alike. Does that not make you question the motives behind the distinction?

United populations are difficult to rule, and that should really be all that needs to be said. Whether they be politicians, corporations, or any other party which seeks to hold power over others, division is the best friend of those who wish to rule. The easiest way to cause division is to create a lie by picking at the most obvious scabs available: gay vs. everyone else, white vs. everyone else, poor vs. everyone else. Efforts to divide and conquer have been in effect for centuries, and—as Phil Robertson has demonstrated—the efforts have been effective.

Fortunately, many lies fall apart if you zoom out in even the slightest way.

Whether you agree with them or not, take a look at a few teachings of Catholicism. For example, you can't be both Catholic and pro-choice. There's a bumper sticker that says so.

Taking the same division-seeking approach, it could be said that one can't be Catholic and have an abortion, use contraceptives, masturbate, or perform sexual acts of the oral or anal variety. Yet a lot of Catholics use contraceptives, masturbate, have abortions, and get pretty creative with sex.

In other words, there's a lot of non-Catholics in the Catholic Church. Or maybe there's just a lot of Catholic sinners (regardless of whether or not the sinners see themselves as sinning). Such notions do not matter. The proclamations of innocence from a sinner are just as much of a delusion as those who ignore their own sins in order to enable themselves to throw the first stone. Within the realm of Catholicism, all sin. All fall short. Within the realm of Catholicism, sin is the most universally uniting thing there is. So if you want to make a difference in the world, choose to make a difference in your own life. Stop seeking virtue by choosing sides. If you put your mind to the details of your own business, you'll be far better off, and so will those around you.

When someone seeks to herd you into one group or another in order to divide, simply decline. Walk away. Don't buy the lie that the divisions are more important than the allowance of liberty for all. If you want to see peace on earth, it begins and ends with you.