Monday, March 17, 2014


American elections are irrelevant to those who get surplus ammunition and *stuff* from former Warsaw Pact countries—most specifically, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and Russia. Individual politicians aren't terribly important. But with the current scuffle between the US and Russia regarding Ukraine, the run on ammunition that began in October of 2012 sure seems like it's going to get way, way worse for shooters of the surplus stuff.

The price of 7.62X54R ammunition was $0.21 per round as late as last Wednesday (3/12/14). The lowest available price-per-round this morning is $0.30, and the next best price is $0.45 (link) (if Cheaper Than Dirt shows up on top of the list, ignore the price—with those clowns, it's always unavailable). This is one of the downsides of shooting a surplus round—it's availability and price is subject to things like weather, wars, sanctions, and grandstanding in general.

For those who have purchased firearms and like to use them, this is an unfortunate thing. But for those who have never purchased a firearm in their life, it's no big deal ;-)