Monday, August 4, 2014


Homeowners sometimes have opinions after having their roof replaced. When in written form, Angie's List calls these opinions "reviews."

But reviews of roofing companies are hard to find upon visiting If one looks at whose actions the reviews address, one will see that homeowners generally aren't reviewing roofing companies. They are, almost exclusively, reviewing their handler: the roofing company's salesperson. Not the professionalism of the roofing crew, not the job done by roofing crew, and definitely not the longevity of the installation.

One will, on the other hand, read about how fast the job went. How the landscaping survived unscathed. And how smooth and polished their salesperson ("consultant") was.

A few highlights:

1) After a recent hail storm, a salesman came to inspect our roof.  The salesman came to our house when he said he would and looked over our roof.  After his inspection, he told us that we needed new roof. The salesman was very nice and polite.  He didn't attempt to sell us on anything, or even try to pressure us into using his company for the work.  He gave us an estimate and said we should call our insurance company before we decided to do anything.

No mention of the job done by the roofers. None. The roof salesman was nice enough to point out the need for a new roof, though.

2) I was out of town when they came; however, they were in contact with me.  When I arrived home, the roof was completed and the yard cleaned up.  No hassle, no fuss, no waiting.

How is this a review? He wasn't there. He didn't see it. But they were in contact!

3) They were so neat. The shrubs looked so good and the flowers were not stomped on.  They were extremely fast in getting the roof on. I couldn't even tell they were here.  Everything looked brand new. I would highly recommend them.

Yes, that's what you want: a roofer who approaches your job like it's a hot dog eating contest in a holy garden. I'd prefer to have the crew take their time on the job--and completely destroy the landscaping--than have a roof that was installed in a hurry. What's this guy going to say if the roof leaks--thanks for watching out for the landscaping? Good Lord, Angie. Move this review to the landscaping section.

Are there good roofers out there? Here's hoping. And there are occasionally reviews which address the nuts and bolts of the roofing process. Angie's List, however, isn't where one will find many of them. It's a good place to read the views of people who don't know much about what they're "reviewing," but not really much more than that.