Wednesday, August 6, 2014


While we're on the subject of roofing companies, there's an odd thing on one particular company's sign that should at least raise an eyebrow or two.

Spartan Construction and Roofing is a company which appears to be based in Texas. Since the hail storm in Norfolk, NE this past June, the company's signs have been popping up in front yards all over the area. When one looks at their signs, a few things stand out.

When they work on your roof, apparently they don't make a shingle mistake.

They have a phone number.

Based on the fish, someone within the company is probably a Christian.

The BBB logo implies that 1) the company is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and 2) BBB ratings are worth something.

All of the above are all well and good observations. But there's one announcement on the company's signs that should really grab your attention: the company is actively hiring. And if you hired them, they're advertising that in front of your house.

Sure, companies are allowed to hire. But...asking "when can you start?" On the sign? That's not exactly an inspiring thing to see. Is there any training required to avoid making those shingle mistakes that the company claims to avoid, or does the question mean that a few guys are going to be learning a new craft on the roof of the house that the sign is placed in front of?

Maybe the company has roofers who do good work. For the sake of those who have hired them, I really hope so. But when a company places "now hiring" and "when can you start" on their yard signs, that seems like it might be a red flag in terms of the experience level of the guys who will soon be putting the hammers to the nails. No, roofing isn't rocket science. But when hiring a company, one generally hopes that said company employs people who have a good amount of experience doing what they're doing.

Asking "when can you start" on the sign in front of a house that has yet to have it's roof replaced doesn't suggest that will be the case. And it certainly doesn't imply much of a connection between the quality of a roof installation and a company's BBB ratings. If anything, it suggests that there really isn't much of a difference between roofing companies--just that some employ better "consultants" than others, as evidenced by the BBB ratings themselves. God help us all when it comes to telling them apart.